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What some of our past antendees had to say:



"The seminar was fabulous. There was nothing at all that could have made it more effective. The presenters were fantastic. I loved every minute of it." Marie Wright, Collier County, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

"I did some research and found out that these presenters have an excellent reputation, and they were
fantastic. Very effective in facilitating my learning process. This course is outstanding."
Anne Shustack, Miami Dade, FL

"This class was awesome! I would attend any other course offered by these presenters. I will be referring
my colleagues." Dave N, Bradenton, FL

"Entertaining, Enlighenting, Fabulous!" R. Fitzgerald, RMHCI, Myakka City Sarasota

"This was by far the BEST workshop ever! Sharing your stories helped provide insight into both sides of a
relationship and solidify the message. You can Absolutely share my comments!" Vera Thompson, RCSWI, Miami, FL

"Great course - So informative, I am surprised at the level of information I retained. It would have been a
great benefit to have either of you as my teachers while obtaining my Master's Degree." Kristina Lance
RMHCI, Palm Beach, FL

"Time flew by so fast and the subject remained interesting. Never once did I become bored." RMHCI, Shari
Marcus, Broward, FL

"I thought the course instructors had a great deal to offer because of their years of experience and their
varied background." Gina Thompson, RMHCI Martin, FL

"You have an amazing presentation style. I would take any other course you offer. You are awesome!"
Nicolas Bolanos, RMHCI, Charlotte County, FL

"An entertaining, relaxed atmosphere,. Much better than I anticipated!! There was nothing that could have
made the course more effective. They were great!" RMHCI, Samantha Steward, Manatee County, FL

"Effectively presented dry material in a fun manner. Well done!" Bethany Hutto, LCSW, Sycamore, Illinois

"Dynamic presenters, very knowledgeable." Dr. Kirstina Ortdex, Bradenton, FL

"The course was informative and the time went by quickly! Glad I chose the course!" Tracey Johnson
RMHCI, Manatee County, FL


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