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Course Content

We offer a wide variety of courses meant to meet the needs of our customers, most notably our refresher courses for licensure as well as all state mandated courses to become license eligable.  

Ethics and Boundaries


Learn the myriad ways our colleagues have discovered to put their practice, their license, and their wealth at risk! How to Stay Out of Trouble will give clinicians the tools they need and information they require to recognize the ethical and legal boundaries of their profession and to steer clear of situations that invite complaints to the Board and malpractice suits by the lawyers. Taught by a former County Judge and attorney and his wife, a licensed mental health counselor with over 20 years experience, and founder of the very first State-certified Batterers Intervention Program. This interactive and fun workshop will use case studies, humor, and group exercises to help you protect what you have worked hard to achieve.

Domestic Violence 


This course presents critical information for healthcare providers about domestic violence, written by award-winning instructors (one a former police officer, prosecutor and judge and the other a licensed mental health counselor and jury trial consultant). The audience will come away with a new-found understanding regarding the myths and realities of domestic violence and how it affects us all.


Domestic violence is so pervasive that there is one simple truth as a mental health counselor that you MUST know: You must have a thorough working knowledge of domestic violence if you intend to be a competent professional. Whether you see primarily adults, children, the elderly, singles or couples, domestic violence affects them all. And even substance abuse professionals must know about domestic violence!

HIV/AIDS for Therapists 


This course satisfies the Florida 491 Board requirements for registered interns, as well as requirements for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counseling through DCF. You will learn all about HIV/AIDs, history, treatment, confidentiality, legal and ethical issues for therapists and more.



HIV/AIDS for Medical Professionals  


In this course you will learn all about HIV/AIDs, history, treatment, confidentiality, legal and ethical issues for medical professionals and more.

Medical Errors


This course will look at errors made in the medical field, and then errors made in the mental health field. The statistics are absolutely staggering. The number of people killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars pales in comparison to the number of people killed by preventable medical errors in this country every year. Don't let a single one of your patients become a statistic. The Florida Board deserves credit in bringing this shocking information out of the shadows by requiring healthcare providers to be educated, aware and prepared. The information in this course can and will put you in a position to save lives.

Masochistic Combo

If you need an inexpensive, all-in-one-day seminar for initial licensure from a Board-approved provider, or if your agency requires CEUs for its therapists and counselors, this is the course for you! During this all-day event you will receive all of the mandatory registered mental health counselor intern courses including:


  • Two (2) hour course relating to prevention of medical errors prior to licensure

  • Eight (8) hour laws and rules course upon initial licensure prior to licensure

  • Three (3) hour course on HIV/AIDS within six months of licensure

  • Two (2) hour course on domestic violence with six months of licensure


Don't worry, we make sure that the information is delivered in a fun and relaxed environment!


Smorgasboard Special
Looking for an inexpensive, all-in-one-day seminar for licensure renewal from a Board-approved provider, then look no further! During this all-day event you will receive all of the mandatory courses for licensure renewal including:


  • Laws & Rules Review 3 CEUs
  • Ethics and Boundaries  3 CEUs
  • Domestic Violence  2 CEUs
  • Prevention of Medical Errors 3 CEUs


Don't worry, we make sure that the information is delivered in a fun and relaxed environment!





Law & Rules for License Renewal (3 CEU Hours)


This course is required every third renewal period and contains all relevant statutory and rule updates in Chapters 456 and 491, F.S., and Rule Title 64B4, F.A.C. Additionally, in this course, facilitated by Dale Thompson LMHC, and Susan McMillan, LMHC, CAP (Co-founder of Florida's first 8 hour Laws and Rules Course), you will review the ins and outs of confidentiality, privileged communication, abuse reporting and more. In other words, when to keep quiet, and when to speak up. This course can save lives and save you from a possible lawsuit.


Law & Rules for Licensure
(8 CEU Hours)

Who would have thought that learning, really learning 300 pages of Laws and Rules could be fun? Our course is the oldest and most successful laws and rules course in the state of Florida. We use humor, interaction, creativity, and real life case examples to make this course truly enjoyable. Our Florida Psych Laws & Rules Consortium has helped thousands of Florida licensed counselors, therapists and social workers to painlessly satisfy their licensure requirements regarding Florida Laws and Rules. 


We’ve combined our expertise, our diverse backgrounds, and our 18-year proven track record with our sense of humor to create the ULTIMATE Board-Approved COURSE for future therapists and social workers like you!. Let us:


  • Help you translate "legalese" into English.

  • Teach you how to protect your future practice from lawsuits and grievances.

  • Make you, like it or not, into a near expert in Florida law as it pertains to psychotherapy!

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