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Coupon Codes*


Savings are important to you, and given our propensity for empathy, its important to us. Saving money is easy with us, just follow our easy steps:


1) Copy applicable code below (All codes are case sensitive)

2) Register for one or more of our courses / packages

3) Enter your code beneath the subtotal in your cart

4) Save and smile!


Register with a friend and you both save $5 using the coupon code: friend


Register with 2 friends and you both save $10 using the coupon code: notacrowd

(Friend(s) must register within 24 hours of you, please type friend's name in the "Professional Licence #" box when completing your order)


Take 3 courses on the same day save $5 using the coupon: 3coursemeal


Save $10 instantly by enrolling in either our Smorgasboard or Masochostic Combos!!!


Enroll early (2 weeks or more in advance) in our Smorgasboard or Masochostic Combos and save an additional $50 instantly.











*Only one coupon per transaction

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